Neoprene is a synthetic rubber, the material that wetsuits are made out of. Neoprene has been around since the 30's in fact it was one of the first synthetic rubber products ever made, it is stronger and harder than natural rubber and more resistant to water.  Neoprene has made its way into the 21st century. Taking the fashion world by storm. 

The charm lies in that it is light weight, durable, water resistant and easy to clean.

It's light weight and durable 

Neoprene is ultra light weight, the material is thick, durable and strong allowing it to support heavy items without the worry of your bag getting damaged. Delicate items like laptops and phones will be protected due to its cushioned material. 

It's water resistant and easy to clean 

Neoprene is resistant to water and makes the perfect beach or swimming bag. You don't have to worry about keeping your bag dry. It will easily accommodate wet towels and accessories. Wipe with a wet cloth to remove dirt and voila your bag will look like new. 

It is super cool and trendy

Yes, it is! Many celebs have been seen rocking their neoprene totes. What is  not to love?